Go to Masraff's.

That's it.

Well, that's the take-home message, but since I'm still pondering the meal this morning I'll write a little something about it. We are staying in the Galleria area this weekend while I'm on call in the med center. We briefly considered heading down to the hotel restaurant (ok, we didn't consider that even for a moment) but instead I conducted a little Yelp search (yay for free wi-fi in hotels!) and we headed to Masraff's. 14 reviews and only one 4-star. It's a mile from the hotel, so we hoofed it. On the way, we passed a 'Coming in April - Masraff's' sign on Post Oak. Turns out, they're closing the current location tomorrow and heading to a more contemporary locale and, let me tell you, the waitstaff is excited about the move. The new spot opens April 12.

I have no pictures of our meal. We were too busy devouring our mouth-watering meal. I could take some pictures of clean plates to demonstrate what each course looked like when we finished. I thought Joe was going to lick the bowl of his sauteed John Dory (that's a fish). My duck with foie gras and sweet potatoes was divine. The best part of the meal for me was the appetizer, the most delicious foie gras I've ever tasted (yes, that's right, I ordered 2 dishes with foie gras. I am not ashamed.). Duck liver, caramelized pears, toast, not an unusual presentation but UH. MAH. GAW. was it ever delectable. It was a good-sized portion, too - I didn't have to cut the foie into microscopic pieces to ensure that I was getting my money's worth.

We could have gone without dessert, but the meal had been so heavenly we wanted to try one more thing. So we split the three-berry bread pudding (I'm not a bread pudding girl, but I read someone's review of it and knew that was what I was having) and Joe had an espresso (even the espresso was fantastic, says Joe) and it was perfect.

The waitstaff was wonderful, we enjoyed the pianist in the foyer, the ambiance is lovely (I didn't love the decor, but it was pleasant and quiet - just looked a bit too 1995 to me - of course, maybe that's part of the reason for the move), and for the quality of the food the prices were much more reasonable than expected (not Mom-reasonable but Special Occasion-reasonable). Next time (and there will certainly be many next times) we will make a reservation for the tasting menu - couldn't do that this time because they ask for a day's notice. They had no problem seating us at 8:30pm on Friday night, but I think it's busier earlier in the evening and, especially with the new location, reservations are probably a good idea in general.

Now I'm getting hungry. I wonder if they serve a breakfast foie gras. Hmmm.


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