spring break!

It's hard to believe tomorrow's already Friday. Vacation week, come back! We want you to stay forever! We love you!! We've spent the last few days with the boys in retreat in Brenham, Texas, checking out local sights (chief among them, the Blue Bell Creamery, which I have somehow never visited and thus never taken the tour which ends with a scoop of the best ice cream in the country). We had the Coolest Cabin Ever - no kidding, this place rocked. We planned on a 1-day trip but added a day due to the total coolness of the cabin. I think my favorite part of the trip was the search for a picnic site before heading back home that led us to the masonic cemetery in Chappell Hill. All my life I've been fascinated (and made breathless) by cemeteries, the older the better. I remember in high school wandering around tiny nearly-forgotten graveyards, studying the tombstones and trying to recreate the lives. Turns out, the experience has been pretty incredibly augmented by the provenance of the iPhone. The cemetery was founded in the 1850s (this we learned from the signage at the entrance - we had not yet begun the Googling) and is still admitting new tenants, on occasion. Our perusal of headstones led us to question why so many of the dates were in September and October 1867, including what appeared to be whole families, including many infants and children. This provoked a Google search, something along the lines of 'Death 1867 Texas', which enlightened us about the yellow fever epidemic that decimated the town and from which it never recovered. We read the names of people whose graves we'd just studied. Way cool, we thought. Well, Joe and I were pretty impressed. Jared mostly picked flowers and followed ant trails. Joseph isn't a big cemetery fan, it turns out. There was more history - living history, in a way, though that may not be the most apropos description of history experienced through a cemetery - in the tombstones of families of Travis and Crockett, who died at the Alamo. Joseph was marginally more interested when the Alamo was involved. Lots of guns at the Alamo. I'm hoping Joe posts some more pics of our excursion, but until he does I leave you with a particularly good one of him, demonstrating how excited he is about the Blue Bell tour (and the 3-hour wait for said tour): I relent with this flick from the cemetery. More to come.


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