Masraff's revisited

Just a very brief post to say that we still love Masraff's! Anyone looking for a special occasion place (you know, a special occasion like a birthday, or anniversary, or the day you found that pen you'd lost, or the day your dog didn't poop in the house) or a swanky place for drinks and appetizers in the Galleria area should run, don't walk, to Masraff's.

The long side patio with fountain should open soon. For now, next to the bar area is a smaller patio area (beware - smoking is permitted, and many guests come out here for a swanky smoke break) where drinks and food are served. We plan to sample everything on their bar menu eventually. Last time there, we chose the foie gras sliders and the spring rolls. Oh my, the sliders were amazing. Pretty, too.

Yes, I know this sounds like an ad, but it's really just genuine appreciation of excellent food and service. We get no perks from Masraff's for our endorsement (although, let's face it, we wouldn't turn them away!). Just go there, for goodness' sake.


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