Rubber Ducky Shower

I was so honored to get to hostess a baby shower for one of my very dearest friends, Miss Courtney (OK, Mrs Courtney), last weekend.

Many pictures were taken - by Court's lovely mama, who [***UPDATE!!!***] sent them to me via the wonders of Picasa this week!!! Thanks a million, Melinda!!! I just wish I had remembered to stand up straight - maybe I was just trying to make Courtney look taller... My amazing hubby (and sous-chef extraordinaire) also grabbed some (hip) photos before and after the festivities. This was a ladies-only affair, mostly at the request of the gentlemen, who were more than happy to have man-time over beers and wings at the Goose's Acre.

I had a blast planning the party. Like me, Court loves parties but really doesn't like to be the center of attention, so there were no 'guess how big the mama's belly is' and no formal gift-opening session. It was all about friends and family of the delightful Courtney spending some time together, sharing stories, preparing for the Little Miss, and eating some yummy duck-themed munchies.

Courtney is just the most beautiful pregnant lady ever. Unfortunately for me, she lives in Austin, so I don't see as much of her or her hubby or her growing tummy as I would like, but they do get down to Houston to see friends or family pretty regularly, and every now and then Joe and I make our way to the promised land of ATX. Because she grew up in Houston, we were thrilled to be able to have a Houston-based shower in addition to Austin festivities already planned.

So, there were rubber duckies everywhere in this house. Oriental Trading Company has an astonishing selection, including these divas and these surfers, perfect for the daughter of a rockstar surfer double agent extraordinaire.

We had big wine goblets with blue Jelly Bellies and a duck floating on top. There were vases with shredded blue paper and another duck on top. I bought a silly little inflatable duck bath, which we filled with water and played a matching game with some more ducks. I'll admit it, I had a great time. I hope the guests had anywhere near as much fun as I did, planning this thing.

The miraculous Joe picked out some yellow and white and blue flowers, distributed them around the dining and living rooms, and hung a clothesline to display gifts. I got a great selection of bath products, washcloths, hooded towels to get the gift table started.

how cute are these??
We had a paint-your-own-rubber-ducky station (thank you, Oriental Trading Company), with prizes (yes, duck prizes) for the best ducks. And the party favors (in addition to baggies of jellybeans, marshmallows, cookies, or rubber duckies) were little duck-shaped soaps I found on Etsy.

For refreshments, there was champagne or sparkling grape juice, poured over a few blue jellybeans just for fun. We also had iced tea and Meyer lemon soda (because it was yellow, of course - but it was so delicious that it's going to become a regular at this house).

And the food. Oh, the food. Finger sandwiches of chicken and tuna, deli spirals (I admit it, I ran out of time and had to put out - gasp - packaged food), bowls of olives and pistachios (especially for Courtney), cupcakes, marshmallows, and decorated cookies. Pretty delectable spread, if I do say so myself. The recipes will just have to wait for another post (or 2. Or 3.)...

Everyone was lovely. There were some amazing gifts, including a handmade quilt-burp cloth-onesie set and this incredible book, perfect for every mother who wants to teach her daughter about Louboutin, Gucci, and anorexia before she can even eat not-eat solids!

Thank you to Courtney's wonderful friends and family for making the party so enjoyable! Many, many happy thoughts and prayers to Court and Peter and Little Miss as her arrival draws near!!!


  1. awwww i can't believe one of my oldest friends is going to be a mom! thanks for posting this :)

  2. cute shower!!! Love ordering from OT! Great stuff!

  3. Stace, you hosted the most amazing shower I have ever been to, not to mention the gourmet spread! Don't forget recipes for the petits fours and the best strawberry cupcakes ever made! You are too sweet and every minute of it was just perfect!

  4. Amazing!!! All those rubber duckies, and duck food, and duck games - Stacy, you and Joe really duct it up !!! And Courtney looks so precious as the expecting Mom. The shower turned out adorable. Love the blog!


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