Fry Daddy 3, Leaven Family 0

I have no pictures for you.  When hot oil is pouring all over your kitchen, pictures are quite possibly the last thing in your mind.  Further, recording these episodes would only have lowered your opinion of me or put you rolling on the floor with laughter.  Darwin Awards are given out for less.

It was on my wife's Amazon list, and I, too, have secretly wanted one of these little gizmos for the kitchen.  The Presto Fry Daddy Elite electric deep fryer makes "Delicious deep fried foods, fast and easy."  The appallingly simple device is little more than an electric bucket to hold and heat oil, the perfect Christmas gift.  How hard could this be?  The first disaster happened either because I put a huge heaping gob of shoestring potatoes slices into it at one time, or possibly because I had filled it with oil to a generous inch above the "Max" line.  Note to self:  follow directions.  I was too stunned to share expletives with my kitchen audience.  The second Vesuvian eruption occured when my wife was deep frying peanuts.  Come on, now.  Peanuts?  In peanut  oil?  I'm still not sure why that occured.  My wife took on the cussing there.  At this point, we hoped that, with more caution, we would not oil our marbled countertops further.  Sadly, tofu (it's so healthful after all!) with soy rolled in panko delivered a final blow last night.  I am tired of sopping up hot oil off the counter, backsplash, crockery, and cleaning the device itself .  The Fry Daddy has a new home in the cupboard, where it will hurt no one.  And I always knew that fried food is not good for you.


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