Cinnamon chicken. Who knew?

Tonight I was craving a dish we tried for the first time just last week. My amazing husband whipped it up from a recipe in our new favorite book, Around My French Table, and we devoured every last piece last time and again tonight. There are only 3 major ingredients in the recipe. And one of them is cookies!

You cook chicken seasoned with salt and pepper, then add a mix of 1 cup creme fraiche and 2 crumbled speculoos cookies (LU cinnamon sugar spice biscuits). That's it. The 'recipe' is available in the cookbook - I'm not including it because (after posting this) I joined FFWD and we're asked not to post recipes to encourage people to buy the wonderful cookbook.

The taste is so unique and unexpected and addictive. Even though the kitchen air after cooking is redolent with cinnamon spice, the chicken is surprisingly savory.

Oh dear, we have just discovered that we have no pictures. I hope that you will accept in their stead alternate offerings of the spicy champagne Joe decided to invent tonight and the sweet potato chipotle souffle we enjoyed as an appetizer (whilst we waited for the thawing of the chicken).

looks cool, eh? absolutely no change to the champagne flavor but that's probably a blessing.

tasted pretty good, though i was hoping it'd rise a little more. adapted my pumpkin chipotle souffle recipe.


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