What a wonderful world!

When I woke up this morning, two bright red cardinals flew past the window. Then we watched a woodpecker search for bugs in the tree trunk just outside. Yesterday, 1/2 a mile from the house, I watched a deer graze a few yards from our car. We walked through the forest behind our home, escorting our delighted dog (off leash) to the nearby dog park, and met a heron and a crane on the way. The developers of our community, The Woodlands, did a miraculous job in preserving the natural wooded beauty of this area while creating a bustling, growing city within. It's amazing that only 30 minutes away is the center of the fourth largest city in the country. Even more astonishing is the variety of entertainment and restaurants available here in The Woodlands - for example, less than 5 miles away from our house is the best sushi in Houston and probably in all of Texas (seriously - this place rivals anything I had in Los Angeles - go to Masa's!!).

I just wanted to express how very grateful I am to have landed here. What a wonderful world, indeed.


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