FFWD: chunky beets and icy onions

ooh, imagine how pretty this would be with red onions...
I'm learning to love the beet. The secret? Roast those suckers. That really brings them this rich, deep flavor that perfectly matches their deep fuschia hues.

This week, I used some CSA beets and a CSA onion (yellow, because there were no red onions in the box) to prepare a lovely beet salad. As with so many of the Around My French Table recipes, the preparation was very simple and really showed off each ingredient. We tossed the beets in a simple vinaigrette, added some fresh herbs (I used parsley because I have a bunch growing outside), and topped with onion that has been soaked in ice water to cut the pungency and also to keep them nice and crispy. One of Dorie's 'bonne idee's was to up the ante with some crumbled goat cheese, and I am never one to disagree with a cheese augmentation. It was nice for me also because I don't like raw onion, even with its pungency cut, so otherwise I would have been munching on roasted beets alone.

onions. who needs 'em?
We enjoyed the salad. I want to try Dorie's other beet salad recipe, with lime, and the next beets that cross my doorstep are destined for that.

beets with parsley. purty.
A bit of gross beet trivia: You might be concerned that you have colitis about a day after ingesting red beets. All that beautiful natural dye has to leave your body somehow...


  1. I laughed - you are the first to bring up the results of eating beets. I actually ate a whole bunch so yeah, I know! I did love those roasted beets, though.

  2. Haha...love your bit of trivia! I guess it could be shocking to a new beet eater :) Your salad looks lovely...someone else adding blue cheese, so I may do that next time instead of the goat~

  3. i had a patient come in 2 years ago because of too much beet salad, convinced she was dying and going to leave her 2 children motherless. poor thing was so embarrassed when i figured out what the problem really was.


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