FFWD: Slow-roasted tomatoes

I just searched through my old blog entries, sure I'd already written a post about these tomatoes.

Ha! And now let me tell you the hilarious story about how Blogger ate my post! I just wrote 2 extremely descriptive (and funny! oh, did you miss out!) paragraphs about my experiences with this recipe, and hit 'Publish Post' and got an error message. I signed back into Blogger, and only the photo and that one line are left. Someone out there does NOT want me to tell you about slow-roasted tomatoes. Which is sad, because they're simple and fantastic.

So, on to the abbreviated post. Slow-roasted tomatoes was this week's French Fridays with Dorie recipe. Since I've made these guys a bazillion times, I planned to post pics from my computer, but I haven't found the AFTER images on this computer.

To make these tomatoes, you slice grape or cherry tomatoes in half, spread them on parchment paper or a silpat, intersperse with unpeeled garlic cloves, and drizzle with a bit of olive oil. You can lightly salt and pepper them (not too much - there's a lot of concentrated flavor in these guys) and add some thyme or rosemary sprigs if you're feeling feisty. Roast them for 3-4 hours at 225F. You'll know they're ready when they look like the ones here (at some point, there will be a photo here, but for now you can click the link which leads to my favoritest cooking blog in the world).

UPDATED! Pictures!! Yum!


And if you want to check out other takes on the recipes, check out French Fridays with Dorie. And if you're smart, buy Around My French Table and get cooking!

{I am now copying to the clipboard before pushing that Publish Post button}

ADDENDUM: Ok, still didn't find any pics on this computer, except this photo of oven-dried tomatoes making everything better. This is my favorite go-to dish - packaged butternut squash ravioli in sage brown butter sauce, with oven-dried tomatoes and parm on top.

And thank you to the lovely Doristas and your kind words on my post-that-wasn't. I love looking at all your blogs and hardly ever comment, because my work computer does not like it when I try to post comments and I get frustrated and then I end up yelling at my patients. Not really, but still, it's best for me to avoid Blogger while at the office...


  1. Looks delicious, and you've given me a good reminder to always back up what I'm writing!!

  2. sorry about your posting issues!! nice job!!

  3. Sorry about your 2 missing posts ! yours look delicious. I paired mine with pan fried dijon mustard pork chop.

    Have a great weekend,

  4. Oh, boo. I've had that happen to me a few times in Wordpress, so I understand your pain. Your tomatoes look fab, though! :) Glad you enjoyed them so!

  5. Oh, how I can relate to your blogger story! I've switched to a new site, hoping that it will work out. Not quite sure yet! I still have some work to do...

  6. Gah! I would have loved to read your original post. I think this is probably the best loved FFwD recipe in a long time!

  7. Oh no - losing your work can be so frustrating.

    I think Adriana's right - this is the most popular recipe in quite a while. Though how could you not love these? So easy and they can be used in any way you like.

  8. I feel your pain on the posting. What kills me is when I leave a comment and then get chucked out of the site while it verifies me. I could cry. But luckily we were all happy about the tomatoes this week - Nana loved the too. Not sure how she and I have not made this before, but we are new fans nonetheless !!

  9. Ah, hate it when you lose a post to the Blogger ghoulies. Especially when its a good one...
    Glad you liked these!

  10. Funny how it's always the best posts that get eaten by blogger. But I enjoyed reading the one that didn't get away

  11. Blogger does the same thing to me--so annoying! These tomatoes look great and I should get myself back to the market because there were tons there yesterday. But then I'd have to turn the oven on...

  12. I finally got around to making them and they were perfect tucked into Bison Burgers I made last night. I'm afraid they aren't lasting long as I'm eating the rest like candy.


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