Since I joined FFwD 8 months after the group started, I was already 36 recipes behind. Lucky for me, some of these 36 I'd already prepared (because I love this cookbook), so I only have 26 weeks of catch-up work (this is starting to feel like one of my recurring nightmares-turned-to-sweet-dreams where I'm late for class then find out I haven't read any of the books all semester and I have a final that day - then I remember (in my dream) that I graduated from high school, college, and grad school more than 10 years ago and I will never have to take a final again...). I'm delighted to say that the FFwD class is purely self-directed study and no one will be grading me on my ability to complete these recipes (except my husband, and he grades on the curve. He likes curves.).

A few weeks ago, while on staycation, I flew through the September recipes, and now I'm left with nothing at all to eat (right!). So we'll get to work on those missing 26.

The list of recipes I need to tackle...

Gerard’s Mustard Tart
Vietnamese Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup
Hachis Parmentier
Marie-Helene’s Apple Cake
Potato Gratin
Caramel-Topped Semolina Cake
Pumpkin-Gorgonzola Flans
Roast Chicken for Les Paresseux
Sweet and Spicy Cocktail Nuts
My Go-to Beef Daube
Leek and Potato Soup
Spiced Butter-Glazed Carrots
paris mushroom soup
gnocchi a la parisienne
michel rostang’s double chocolate mousse cake
chicken b’stilla
basque potato tortilla
orange-almond tart
pancetta green beans
short ribs in red wine and port
savory cheese and chive bread
beggar’s linguine
salted butter break-ups
scallops with caramel-orange sauce
quinoa, fruit and nut salad
garlicky crumb-coated broccoli
vanilla eclairs
mustard batons
bistrot paul bert pepper steak
tourteau de chevre
spinach and bacon quiche
bacon, egg and asparagus salad
cardamom rice pilaf
warm weather vegetable pot au feu


  1. Good for you! I know I've skipped roughly 4 recipes, mainly because of their ingredients (raw onions).

  2. I think that is so great that you are planning to catch up on all of those. I have missed maybe a handful that I still need to make.

  3. I started late too and have been trying to catch up as I go. I think I have 5 more I need to make. Winter will be a good time to cook lots!


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