FFWD:Deconstructed BLT with Eggs

I think our favorite recipes so far from Around My French Table have been the salads. This one was not that different from the bacon and egg and asparagus salad that Mr Leaven references at least once a week. Both have greens tossed in a simple vinaigrette dressing, bacon, and eggs With this salad, you add fresh and sun-dried tomatoes (I used more of those wonderful slow-roasted tomatoes), croutons, and some dollops of mayonnaise. We added avocado slices, which made the dish reminiscent of a Cobb salad and was really yummy. Looking at our photos, I realize that there's so much going on that it doesn't look like a salad at all!
It was easy to assemble and, as Mr Leaven said, surprisingly good.

It's so funny how my life has changed since diving into the home cooking world. This salad really was easy to assemble, which is amazing given that we made:

- homemade mayonnaise (with chipotle! yum!)
- homemade vinaigrette - put oil, vinegar, and Dijon mustard in a blender and turn on
- homemade oven-dried tomatoes (this takes several hours in the oven, but once they're done you pack them in oil and use them just like store-bought sun-dried tomatoes)
- croutons - cut up bread and cook in a little bacon fat till golden
- fried some bacon, hard boiled some eggs

The mister is wonderful in the kitchen - I would call him my sous-chef, but this time I think I was sous-ing him. He's the best!
showing off one of his many kitchen skills :)


  1. I slow-roasted my tomatoes too. They're so good, I can't see buying sundried tomatoes ever again. Glad you enjoyed, and it's always fun to cook with someone!

  2. Kudos on making the mayo! I used store-bought!

  3. I wish I'd used the slow-roasted tomatoes with this - it would have been lovely. It's great that you and your Mister enjoy working in the kitchen together!

  4. you made some homemade pasta too? we put avocado in our salad too and it was fab! :)

  5. Love the homemade chipotle mayo idea. That, combined with the avocado would definitely take this salad over the top.
    Finding a good "sous chef" is a pretty great deal!

  6. I ended up chopping up the sundrieds into the mayo. ...but would have added chipotles too if I had thought of it!

  7. So much fun to cook together regardless of who's sousing whom:) The chipotle mayo sounds delicious!

  8. Homemade chipotle mayo, YUM! Great idea. I used the slow-roasted tomatoes too. They just can't be beat. So nice that you and Mr. Leaven enjoy working together in the kitchen.

  9. your mayo looks great! we love chipotle peppers and I can see how the flavor would work with these ingredients. Thanks for the idea.

  10. It looks wonderful! I love all the components, and especially with homemade chipotle mayonnaise--yum!


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