FFWD: zucchini tagliatelle

How about that?? I made it by Friday, I took a picture, and I posted! This rarely happened even before I had a 6-week-old to occupy my time.

Minted zucchini tagliatelle with cucumbers and lemon. I won't post the recipe here, but you can buy the book - Around My French Table - or Look on Epicurious or just read the descriptive recipe name and figure it out! The only additional ingredient is onion, and due to my aversion I left that one out anyway. We made this dish once before but not really - it appears from the note I wrote in the margin that we used basil instead of mint, cut the zucchini wrong (more diced zucchini than zucchini tagliatelle), and I think we used bottled lemon juice (horror!) - not sure why we even bothered to make it but I guess we were swimming in zucchini.

It turns out that when made correctly (and in my case sans onion) it's quite delicious. Light and acidic and cool. I'm eating leftovers for breakfast as I type.

If we ever actually harvest zucchini and cucumber from our backyard garden (darned heat and bugs and birds) we could whip this up with virtually all home-grown produce. Cool.


  1. Oh, basil also sounds delightful...I will need to give that a go soon as I have more basil than I can keep up with at the moment...same is true with zucs and cucs! Your salad looks delightful, but not quite as delightful as that cute little kitchen helper you have posted! :-)

  2. I agree - basil is a nice touch. And fortunately, this one is easy enough to pull off - even with such a sweet little sleep depriver :-)

  3. Mmm - I think this would be great with basil, too. I'm impressed that you got this posted with such a cute companion around!

  4. I think basil sounds great too! Or even a combo... but good for you for getting your post done. Easy to see how you can be distracted by that cutie!

  5. I agree, basil sounds like a nice twist. What a cute baby!

  6. Did you mean to make us laugh, with this Post, Stacy? Because I smiled very widely while reading it. Lots of caveats and buts and only if's in this Post. At least you enjoyed this salad the second time around. Maybe that's what I need to do. Make it again. I just didn't like this one - the first time ever. What I DID like was that cute little baby. A boy? (I see the blue) Name?


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